Friends of SYFA

SYFA is eternally grateful for its network of support.


2008: Rebecca Brier-Rosenfield, Njingti Denis Joney, Masumi Hayashi-Smith, Yi Zhang, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (UK), Far and Wide (Scotland)

2007: The Bower’s family-California, First Baptist Church- South LakeTahoe-USA, TBI Board of Directors and their friends and families

2006: American Landmark properties (Chicago, USA) David Elbaum, Albert Onega,Ohio-USA

2005: The Bowers family (USA)

2004: Henry DoubleDay Research Association, AlineDenton (UK)

2003: Gregor Moray Smith on behalf of Voluntary Service Overseas, Henry DoubleDay Research Association member (UK), American peace-corps, Binju Baptist church, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (UK), Far and Wide (Scotland), Sheila Blethyn


Onsite Volunteers: Guylaine Dube, Francis Tessier (Canada). Anne Desmoucelles, David Elbaum, Christophe Heyman, Olivier Jegou (France). Charlotte Colomg (UK) Rebecca Brier-Rosenfield, Masumi Hayashi-Smith Beth Huston, Yi Zhang (US).

Local Youth Volunteers: Agatha Nye, Aparengeng Augustine, Bawe Bernard, Beri Mercy, Botan Adel, Botan Joseph, Botan Martin, Chifu Dieudonne, Jeanette Tabah, John Gurr, Jomo Kevin, Kawas Austin Yetoh, Kum Festus, Kunde Kevin, Mimba Betrand, Mimba Elvis, Molyne Nye, Muring Nadesh, Nchiah Calaris, Nfor Afanyu, Nfor Emmanuel, Nfor Ivo, Nfor Pascaline, Ntala Cynthia, Ntani Kevin, Remi Rida, Salack Emmanuel, Shey Tierry, and Shey Walters

Administrative Consultant: Njingti Denis Joney

Website Sponsor: Masumi Hayashi-Smith (Brown University, USA)

Website Administrator: Dr. Roger Tatoud (UK)

Financial Advisor: Dr. Roger Tatoud (UK)

Portfolio Editors: Masumi Hayashi-Smith, Adrienne Langlois, Michael Levy, and the Brown University Writing Center (Brown University, USA). Yi Zhang (Wellesley Collage, USA)

Supporters and Affiliates, HDRA-UK, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Mountain Forum, Tahoe-Baikal Institute, University of Nevada- Reno Academy for the Environment, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).