Future Projects

At SYFA we have many more projects we would like to develop. The following are projects that we hope to be able to start soon.

SYFA Resource Centre

The Centre aims to serve as an environmental training location and resource library for all the 32 rural villages that make up Mbum Land (the greater Nkambe Area).

Water Source Protection

SYFA is worried about the disappearance of springs in Nkambe and Sub–Saharan Africa. This issue prompted Farmer Tantoh to specialise in spring catchment protection at the Regional College of Agriculture. In order to meet our objectives, we envisaged projects to protect springs in Nkambe through the planting of agroforestry trees and sensitizing the rural population with posters and sign posts.

Bamenda Recycling Centre

As the fourth largest city in Cameroon, Bamenda (pop. 2 million) is the Provincial headquarters of the North West Province. Despite its large size, there is no waste management system to account for the indiscriminate disposal of waste. Instead, the city council transports the waste out of the city to burn. The burning causes harmful pollution. In the neighbourhoods, residents dump waste into the streams and rivers which pollutes the water. A recycling centre in Bamenda will take large steps to solve this problem.

Transportation means

Donga Mantung Division, SYFA’s zone of jurisdiction, has poor roads, which make many rural villages inaccessible. In order to reach every corner of this Division, SYFA needs a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle for its projects.

Renovating Rooms To Accommodate Volunteers

In order to support the growing number of volunteers SYFA receives, we would like to renovate the local property to more comfortably situate them.