Binju Baptist Church Environmental Project


Farmer Tantoh started the Binju Baptist Church project after he completed high school in 2001. The church was very bushy, inhabited by harmful animals, and filled with broken bottles and litter. By starting the garden, SYFA hoped to increase the congregation’s respect for the environment by providing them the opportunity to take part in caring for the beautification of their church. The project also aspired to reduce the church’s risk of soil erosion and dust by planting organic lawns. The church was excited about the idea of the project and the whole congregation helped to plough the yard for the garden, which they named the “Garden of Eden”. Some of the flowers brought to the garden were from Farmer Tantoh’s collection, while others were donated from Scotland and collected from the wild. The church assisted the fencing with local materials.

Thanks in part to financial support from the WWOOF Head Office in the United Kingdom in 2003, construction of the beds began. The intention of this project was for the church to sustain it after its completion in 2002.


The church was unable to keep up the garden due to the size of the churchyard and garden. Nonetheless, the garden has proven to be a useful generator of seedlings for other local environmental projects. Additionally the organic lawns around the church serve as outdoor church gathering area and playfield. The congregation has voiced a desire to rejuvenate the garden and SYFA now hopes to embark on this project in the future.


  • The church is protected from soil erosion by the organic lawns and flowers.
  • The flowers from the Garden of Eden are used for many other organic farming projects in the area.


  • By hiring someone to care for the gardens and lawn, the church will be able to provide employment.
  • The organic lawns around the church are used as a playing area for the children, and a reception area for the rest of the congregation.
  • The gardens around Binju encourage the Church to come together to care for them.


Once a caretaker is hired for the gardens, they will be sustained.


SYFA intends to re-organise this project and accomplish the following:

  • Hire someone to maintain the garden for the church
  • Protect the church gardens by building a fence
  • Plant more flowers, trees, and lawns
  • Pave all paths with bricks
  • Build flower beds
  • Build and add benches and to make the area more welcoming