Organic Landscaping Project


SYFA runs a multitude of voluntary organic lawn care and flower gardening services throughout Nkambe and other neighbouring villages. The lawns are propagated through a system where SYFA volunteers plant organic lawns for community members on the condition that they will donate their grass seedlings for future volunteer projects. Examples include landscaping at:

  • Nkambe District Hospital
  • Kumbo Intergrated School for the Blind
  • Bambili Student Development Centre
  • Local homes
  • Total petrol station

SYFA has also:

  • Visited farming groups like Know Your Neighbour Group, and SNEC women’s group to give advice on soil conservation, agroforestry, and organic farming techniques
  • Trained future SYFA leaders in Nkambe


SYFA has succeeded in planting lawns for at least 100 of the houses in Nkambe. The local people have started to propagate organic lawns independently, which is rapidly increasing the amount of lawns in the area. This is helping protect the houses from soil erosion, and decreasing the amount of dust in the area.


  • The area is becoming more environmentally friendly, clean, and protected from soil erosion.
  • Conscious organic planting is becoming a more prevalent and natural part of the local life.


  • The volunteer nature of the project allows the local population the ability to protect their houses from soil erosion regardless of socio-economic status.
  • The project encourages the population to continue the process of sharing and propagating organic lawns and greenery.


The project is by nature, self-sustaining because it encourages those who benefit from it to continue propagating organic lawns.


SYFA hopes that every house in Nkambe will have an organic lawn and landscaping project surrounding it. The organic greenery will reduce dust pollution, encourage cleanliness of the area, and protect the foundations of the houses. SYFA also would like to see this program expanded to the whole of Cameroon.