Roundabout & Canteen Project


SYFA is currently building a roundabout and flowerbed to provide a place of relaxation for the public. Flowers have been planted inside the bed and some benches will be placed around the roundabout for resting. The bulk of the funding for this project was raised by Yi Zhang from Wellesley College and Masumi Hayashi Smith from Brown University. Other funding and donations came from the local Nkambe residents. The roundabout is currently the second largest flowerbed in Cameroon’s Northwest province.


The current progress and construction of the flowerbed has brought attention to SYFA and has increased Nkambe’s reputation. The flowers include Gerbera Durantha, Salvia, Cordyline, Spiderplant and St Peter, which are adapting to their environment and have started to blossom.


  • By cultivating plants in the intersection, SYFA is reducing soil erosion and increasing the amount of local organic greenery in the area.


  • Once the canteen is built, it will provide employment for local residents.
  • The flowerbed is inspiring people to grow their own flowers.


Once the canteen is built, its use will ensure the financial sustainability of the roundabout and numerous other projects.


We plan to install a canteen to generate income. The building we plan to use is an old abandoned German building which is next to the Round About (see pictures) in need of renovation. In the canteen, we will sell refreshments, seedlings, and cut plants to generate an income. The income shall go a long way to provide scholarships for SYFA Volunteers and to sustain SYFA’s other projects.

SYFA’s dream is to see similar roundabouts with flowerbeds constructed in all of Mbum land’s 32 villages in the next 5 years.

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