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In order to grow throughout Africa as a community-supported organic farming movement, SYFA is in the process of creating both national and international alliances with other environmentally-minded organizations.

Towards that end, SYFA hopes to establish a resource centre through which it can centralize all of its training and education programs. Additionally, SYFA is trying to establish a canteen where it can sell refreshments and seedlings in order to gain a sustainable income. These projects have the potential to significantly alter the way the community treats the environment and effect the personal lives and well being of many people. As a not-for-profit organization, SYFA appreciates any and all contributions. All of SYFA’s former projects have been made possible thanks to generous outside support.

  • Monetary Support: Contribute to the progress of one of SYFA’s ongoing projects by sending money and enabling SYFA to buy items on the wish list. SYFA will send you updates on how your contribution has helped its efforts. Because SYFA is completely run by volunteers, all contributions go directly to the cost of materials and hired labour. SYFA’s use of monetary contributions for past projects is demonstrated in the cost breakdown. SYFA’s needs are mostly divided into those of infrastructure, equipment, and Human resources.
  • Virtual support: Let us know if you would like to be part of SYFA’s editing and translating team for its publications. SYFA is developing more ways to better serve the community and achieve its goals. Please contact Farmer Tantoh through the SYFA website with any ideas or suggestions.
  • Volunteer in Cameroon: SYFA happily hosts volunteers who come to Cameroon. Their presence is not only helpful to the organization, but also makes a positive impact on the community.

“If the local population can see people of different nationalities coming to Cameroon and working with SYFA as volunteers, then they will see that environmental protection and organic farming has reached the top of the global agenda. The way any community, village, nation or continent honours the environment has a tremendous impact across the globe.”


Donation can be made to Farmer Tantoh, please contact us or use the SYFA donation form.